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Unzipping Folders on an iPad or iPhone


Unzipping Folders on an iPad or iPhone

Some of the download files on are zipped. This is just a form of compression that makes them easier to download over the Internet, and allows for many files to be downloaded at the same time in one file.

For instance one zip file could contain 50 jam tracks. You would not want to download 50 files separately would you? :)

While all computers have a built in function to “unzip” them, on an iPad or iPhone you are going to need to download an app. There are multiple options, but I'm going to talk you through the process of using a free app called "iZip". There is a paid version, but the free version will get you started.

Step 1: Log into the App Store and type "iZip" into the search. Download and install the free version of the app.

Download iZip

 Step 2: Tap on the link for the zip file you are trying to work with.Click zip file link

Step 3: "Open in..." the iZip app.

Open in izip

Step 4: Choose to extract all of the files in the zip file, or if you hit cancel you can choose an individual file you would like to unzip.

Extract files

Step 5: Once the files are extracted you will see a list of the files. Tap any of them and they will open in your iPad or iPhone's default app for that particular file type. If you have multiple apps that can handle that file type, you will be asked which one you want to use.

Step 6: Once the folder is unzipped on your iPad or iPhone you can access the files in the future by going to the iZip app...then choosing "Files" from the options.

The paid version of iZip will give you other options, such as uploading files to iCloud or Dropbox.

Access files from iZip

Using the iZip app is just one option to use. There are many other apps available to unzip as well as help you organize files on your iPad or iPhone.

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