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iPad & iPhone Login Problems


Passwords are Case Sensitive

If you are having trouble logging in on your iPad or iPhone it's usually because your password is case sensitive. If you don't enter the exact upper or lowercase letters you will not be able to login.

The password that's generated for you when you first purchase a course or create a free membership contains some UPPERCASE letter and some numbers. You need to make sure you are typing them into your iPad or iPhone correctly.

By default an "iDevice" will enter passwords in lowercase. And you have to physically tap the uppercase button for every uppercase letter. A lot of times the problem comes from tapping the uppercase button only once, which means that all other letters will be lowercase.

You can also "double tap" the shift button to engage the cap locks if you have a lot of capital letters in your password.

iPad Keyboard Cap Lock


Forgot Password? Or Need to Double Check it?

If you have just forgotten your password, type in your email address and then click the "forgot password" link on the login page. You will then be sent an email with your password.

IMPORTANT: Be sure and check your spam folder as this email is often filtered out as spam by some email providers. Also give it a couple of minutes. I hate waiting too, but sometimes the email will not get to your Inbox instantly.

Auto Fill Passwords Gone Wrong

There is an auto fill function in the Safari browser that is great when it works, and not so great when it doesn't.

If you incorrectly type in a password, the auto fill function will remember it and automatically fill in the wrong password when you try again.

If you have entered an incorrect password in the past you are going to want to clear that out of Safari. Below is a website with some detailed information on how to do that.

iOS 7: How to delete saved usernames & passwords on iPad / iPhone

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